Welcome to The Most Music School

Why  The Most Music School?

The Most Music School is Middlesex County’s newest premier music school that aspires to provide quality education in music. It is owned and organized by the same highly esteemed co-directors of the Verdi Music Academy, one of the largest music academies in Northern New Jersey, and since 2004, The Most Music School has successfully taught approximately 2,000 students of all ages and levels.

Located in Metuchen, The Most offers large and extremely qualified faculty and a specialized curriculum that caters to each student's individual needs and interests in order to ensure their musical success. Our curriculum starts with a strong focus on learning the foundations of music. The Most believes that the key to a successful music career is to start with the basics all the while managing to keep your child interested and excited about learning a new instrument.

11 Benefits of Studying at The Most Music School


1. We Specialize in Classical Music

Our curriculum starts with a strong focus on learning the foundations of classical music. The Most Music School believes that the key to a successful music career is to start with the basics all the while managing to keep your child interested and excited about learning a new instrument.


2. It's Conveniently Located in Middlesex County

The Most Music School is located in Metuchen, NJ, which is located in the heart of Edison, and in close proximity to Piscataway, New Brunswick, Highland Park, South Plainfield, Perth Amboy and other surrounding Middlesex County areas.


3. It Offers Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, and Guitar Lessons in One Location

Students have many options when choosing which instrument they would like to study. The Most Music School offers a variety of instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, flute and guitar, all in one location, and holds multiple lessons at any given time. We also provide instrument rentals as well as method books, level tests, and competition information.


4. Musical Evaluations Every Three Months

We at The Most believe that your child has the ability to succeed musically under the correct teaching and supervision. Along with our specialized curriculum that is only available to students at The Most, we evaluate their progress every three months in order to ensure that we are giving your child the best musical education they can receive.


5. We Offer Music Theory Classes

Understanding music theory means knowing the language of music. Music theory gives you insight into how all the notes and rhythms are put together in a composition. This includes everything from rhythm, notes, and scales to harmony, voice-leading, and form. It has been shown that learning music theory has a direct impact on the process of learning new instruments, and understanding music theory can opens up doors for your own enjoyment of music as well.


6. All Levels and Ages are Welcome

Anyone from ages 5 and above may enroll in music lessons at The Most Music School. Our experienced faculty place a large emphasis on important music fundamentals, especially for beginners, and we train our students vigorously in music theory in conjunction with instrumental training.


7. Large and Extremely Qualified Faculty

The Most Music School has 15 dedicated and highly qualified music teachers, with training from schools such as the Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes, NYU, Berklee College of Music, Indiana University and more. Our teachers are active performers and top competition winners, but most importantly, they are experienced teachers, dedicated to helping students grow through patience, kindness, and hard-work.


8. Bi-annual Music Recitals & ABRSM Level Tests

At The Most, students have the ability to perform their music for friends and family at our bi-annual recitals. The recitals are an excellent chance to show off their hard-work and musical progress as well as providing students with a sense of motivation in order to ensure that they are doing best they can.


9. Fully Stocked Music Rooms

Our practice rooms at The Most are equipped with all the supplies you need for music lessons, including brand-new instruments such as pianos, keyboards, violins, violas, cellos, guitars, amps and more. Each room also has state-of-the-art sound proofing to ensure that your child’s musical education is not compromised in anyway. We have an extensive music library, and instrument rentals are available.


10. A Wide Range of Music Lesson Times Available Six Days a Week

Monday - Friday 2:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m 

Saturday 9:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m 

Sunday Closed


11. Convenient Semester Payments by Cash, Checks or Credit Card

Rather than paying each semester, students can pay month-to-month. Students are able to enroll at any time. Payments can be made with cash, check or credit card.